Daily Prayers

Sunday 15th March, 2020

The one who saves us from ourselves is waiting to release our hearts from chains of self-reproach and failure to find peace.
When harmful habits leave us bruised, distraught by inner pain, God comes to us through trusted friends, and helps us hope again.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for all involved in NHS Clinical, Primary and Acute Hospitals, Social Care in the Community and Ambulance Services for the work they are called upon to do at this time of need for their skills as the advice on coronavirus moves to the next level of protection.
   *Pray for those in our community who are finding uncertainty of daily travel and holiday arrangements to many destinations cancelled. We ask for patience in this disruption to our daily routine with thoughtfulness and awareness of the needs of housebound neighbours with everyday chronic health needs as they find their services restricted.
   *Pray for the residents throughout the UK in high-rise housing, living daily with the constant need to voluntarily patrol their area for evidence of damage, rubbish and vandalism likely to cause fire until the required renovations of fire-resistance cladding can be carried out.
   *Pray for the Army service-personnel in Iraq who provide training for the local militia as they mourn the killing of one of their unit whilst on routine duties. May they be supported along with his family and friends comforted in their grief in the knowledge of Christ’s love and care for their untimely loss.


Sunday 8th March, 2020

Be still for the power of the Lord is moving in this place;
He comes to cleanse and heal, to minister His grace:
no work too hard for Him -
in faith receive from Him,
the power of the Lord.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the youth members of our Kirk Session, together with our Elders, who undertake the weekly duties of responsibility for the youth groups in our church. Their preparation and dedication gives us all a fresh outlook on the message of faith, last week - MY CHILD.
   *Pray for family, friends and neighbours, the staff and pupils of Glenwood High School and a local primary school who have been bereaved with the death of a much-loved student.
   *Pray for the leaders in authority with responsibilities to keep the health of the nation under constant review and as safe as possible throughout this time of unprecedented communicable illness without a known antidote, antibiotic or vaccine available. Give us all patience to adhere to the advice given and, where needed, the ability to work through the conditions we meet.
   *Pray for all staff and frequent flyers of Flybe Airline who, this week, went into Administration, leaving a severe gap in the connectivity passenger links throughout Scotland, the rest of the UK, especially the Islands and peripheral European destinations.
   *Pray, especially at this time, for the personnel and work of GROW in our district schools. Be with each and every one who meets the needs of our school community when grief and the deepest of life questions are in the minds of the young.


Sunday 1st March 2020

The Lord created families to make his kindness known;
for when we care the way we ought our love reflects his own,
a love which always reaches out to those who feel alone.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for those who share their family life in foster caring for children; providing them with a home where they receive comforting love and hope vital to their well-being, protected with understanding and guidance.
   *Pray for the family, friend and neighbours of the young family who tragically lost their lives in a traffic accident and the surviving driver of a second car. We ask Christ’s love to surround all who responded to this and other fatalities in the north this week.
   *Pray for those in our community who are suffering with anxiety and grief following the unexpected death of a loved and cherished family member.
   *Pray for all participating in the future services and study groups for Lent in St. Ninian’s, Christ Kirk and the World Day of Prayer in St. Paul’s to which all are invited.

Sunday 23rd February 2020

The Church is wherever God’s people are seeking
to reach out and touch folk wherever they are -
conveying the Gospel, its joy and its comfort,
to challenge, refresh, excite and inspire.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the gift of memory which enables us to recall frequently, in the darkest of days, occasions of joy, laughter and celebrations with loved ones, family and friends.
   *Pray for a just economy that enables the flourishing of all life on a planet where the environment is renewed and protected.
   *Pray for the residents close by to Mossmorran and Shell Energy plants which continue to cause distress with their evening flare-ups into the environment.
   *Pray for those suffering from the many stresses of life, causing mental unrest, anxiety, depression and despair leading to suicidal thoughts and actions. In our life, help us to share our faith with Christ’s message of love for one another and be aware of our neighbours within our daily routine of living.
   *Pray for members of the Guilds in Glenrothes as they meet with us here for a Seedtime Supper to learn how to support the work being undertaken in a project supporting the people of Malawi to cultivate and produce root crops which assist the economy of their region.

Sunday 16th February 2020

Look forward in faith, all time is in God’s hands.
Walk humbly with him and trust his future plan.
God has wisely led his people by his power.
Look forward with hope, He gives us each new hour.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for all the emergency services and members of voluntary rescue teams who, over the past few days, have worked tirelessly in situations where many people faced life-threatening conditions in the mountains, on the roads and seas caused by stormy weather which is continuing.
   *Pray for a society that welcomes the stranger, and most marginalised is at the centre.
   *Pray for those attending the Glenrothes Area Futures Group as they meet to discuss a number of plans for improvement of our town, including the Kingdom Shopping Centre and the Glenwood Area within our community.
   *Pray for the community of East Kent where the maternity services have sadly recorded a number of preventable infant deaths. We ask Christ’s blessing of love, comfort and care to surround the bereaved with understanding and guidance to be with the staff at this time.

Sunday 9th February 2020

Jesus calls us here to meet Him as through word, and song and prayer
we affirm God’s promised presence where His people live and care.


*  Pray with thanksgiving for the youth of our country, protect and guide them in the days ahead in all they undertake through education, sport, and youth organisations – Guides, Scouts, Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade – as the world recognises International Youth this month.

*  Pray for those who prepared and presented the Care Review in Scotland this week; for their dedication of time with an in-depth investigation presented to us – a true and unsettling review in the lives of many families in distress.  We ask Christ’s healing for any who have suffered separation and loss.  May the findings lead to a system of care and understanding of the complexities in family life today.

*  Pray for the many homeless people in our country who, for many reasons find their living circumstances in turmoil and are living rough.  Be with those who work in groups to give them nourishment and assist with shelter on these harsh winter nights.  The death toll of the homeless in Scotland this year has increased.

*  Pray for the increasing areas of the world where the coronavirus is restricting movement, travel and daily threatening the lives of the vulnerable and elderly.


Sunday 2nd February 2020

Lord of all kindliness, Lord of all grace,
your hands swift to welcome, your arms to embrace,
be there at our homing and give us, we pray,
your love in our hearts, Lord, at the eve of the day.

*Pray with thanksgiving for all those who took part and attended the service of Prayer and Praise from our neighbouring churches in town. This was a powerful evening of songs of praise enjoyed by all, bringing to a close the week of Churches Christian Unity in Glenrothes.
*Pray for the many survivors of the Holocaust on this the 75th anniversary of the closing of camp at Auschwitz and other atrocities in the world. Recognising the strength and faith of those who gave their lives to bring the victims to safety here in Britain and other neutral countries; may their courage be guidance to us all to respect the lives of all nations.
*Pray for all involved in seeking new initiatives to combat the severity, here in Scotland, of a drug culture causing the deaths of many young people and ruining the lives of families, neighbours and friends. We seek Christ’s comfort of hope, love and guidance be with them all.
*Pray for our Kirk Session as they meet together on our behalf to receive and accept our accounts for 2019 prior to the planning of our commitment to 2020.

Sunday 26th January 2020

Lord of all eagerness, Lord of all faith,
whose strong hands were skilled at the plane and the lathe,
be there at our labours and give us, we pray,
your strength in our hearts, Lord, at the noon of the day.

*Pray with thanksgiving for the groups and organisations that regularly meet here in St. Ninian’s; for their organisers and members providing fellowship, fun and laughter to brighten these mid-winter days.
*Pray for all the schools in our community; for the pupils, head teachers, teachers, classroom and technical staff. We ask for guidance and provision for their learning to be informed and dedicated to providing life skills for our rapidly changing way of life and the environment we are encountering.
*Pray for China and neighbouring regions that are once more in the grip of a fast-moving viral condition which is causing worldwide concern to travellers. May they be blessed with speedy medical care to contain the spread of this fast-moving illness.
*Pray for the services of worship here today: for the Minister and C of S Guild members acknowledging the 50 years of their organisation in this place – the service and dedication of members, past and present, with gratitude to the constant service to world need. Also for Churches Togethers Service of Prayer for Christian Unity in our town being held this evening.

Sunday 19th January 2020

Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy, whose
trust ever childlike, no cares could destroy, be
there at our waking, and give us, we pray, your
bliss in our hearts, Lord at the break of the day.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the scientific and technological
advances in weather forecasting, allowing specific areas of the
country to be protected with knowledge of severe storms and
hazardous travel conditions with timely accuracy giving safe
protection and safety to vulnerable districts.

   *Pray for local authority councillors and administrators in their
task of budgeting for the future and undertaking to balance the
needs of the community areas they serve with the overall
regional allowance in education, health, housing and transport.

   *Pray for the Edinburgh university medical study being carried out
into MND allowing some 5,000 people who suffer in many ways
from differing debilities, the opportunity to share and participate,
with hope, for the future understanding of this condition.

   *Pray for the continued fellowship and understanding with
friendship renewed for the 20's following the enjoyment of the
Churches Together Fellowship Meal: a reminder of the
commitment of sharing in work and leisure makes for good
companionship on the way of Christian Unity.


Sunday 12th January 2020

May God’s blessing surround each and everyone in this New Year
as we begin to establish a new approach to living with the challenges in our country
as we enter the new decade of the “Twenties” and the planned legislative changes.


  • Pray with thanksgiving for all the joy of Advent with the fulfilment of the preparations, social gatherings and depth of love shared during the services of worship provided for our church family, community and friends.
  • Pray for those who, this week, were given the findings of the Child Abuse enquiry for their suffering as children in charity homes where they were in care.  May they know the apology of the court on behalf of the nation to be with them today and help them in the days ahead to know the cruelty and sadness of their younger lives has been acknowledged giving them hope, love and peace for their future life.
  • Pray for our local Ministers, Office-Bearers, MDS Support and Kirk Session as they begin to discuss and plan for the future with new initiatives for all churches and presbyteries throughout Scotland.
  • Pray for our world: Indonesia, the flooding in Jakarta; the devastation of areas of fierce, uncontrollable fires in South East Australia; the unexplained air disaster in Iran and the unrest in the Middle East.



Sunday 22nd December 2019

The religious leaders in the Old Testament and during Jesus’ ministry were rejected because they had not shepherded the flock.
*Pray for all church leaders as they continually seek to discern the way forward for God’s mission in the world.
*Pray particularly for the Church of Scotland in this period of reform.

Dear Lord, send us an angel

   *Lord God: some of us are a little like the shepherds just carrying on with our jobs despite the turbulence in the world scene, give us a message, send us an angel that will start us seeking a new way of life.
   *Lord God: others of us are like the wise men, we can see the need for some power to come and to give us direction but we don’t know in which direction to go. Give us the wisdom to see that it is not in physical power that our salvation lies, but in love and humility.
   *Lord God: we ask you for grace so that we are ready to receive; we ask you for humility so that we are prepared to accept your way of doing things; we ask you for faith, and faith is a gift really to believe that in this dark day for our land, we can accept the gift of Christmas and bring our wealth as a land to serve Christ to bring our incense to worship him and our myrrh, the symbol of burial, to be ready to die for him. Then we shall be able to receive the gift of love, light and life when Christmas Day dawns.

(Iona Prayer by Rev. George F. MacLeod)

Sunday 15th December 2019

The psalmist recognises the forgiveness of the Lord,
waits for and puts his Hope in Him.
As we move through Advent,
pray that you will experience
the joy of the Lord’s forgiveness
and find new hope
for today and tomorrow


   *Pray with thanksgiving for the joy of the music and singing we experience weekly in our church during this time of Advent: the Choir, Praise Band, children and congregation and during the week, Singing for Seniors.
   *Pray for the expressions of fellowship and friendship in all the cards and messages of goodwill in the post-box so accurately administered by members with stamp funds willingly donated.
   *Pray that the Pastoral Christmas Boxes with the gratefully received donations of essential and festive provisions will take the warmth of Christ’s presence and blessing into the homes of single parents in our community.
   *Pray for all who have been involved in the aftermath of the volcanic island tragedy in New Zealand. May they know of the thoughtful prayers of the world for hope, care, comfort and specialist support surrounding them through these days of fearful anxiety.
   *As the results of the election unfold, pray for a spirit of reconciliation between those with differing views and a spirit of cooperation amongst the political parties.


Sunday 8th December 2019

As people vote in this week’s General Election, 
pray for a greater understanding of our role and responsibilities
to society and our world.
[1 Peter 2]


  • Pray with thanksgiving for 70 years of relative peace recognised by many nations through the organisation of NATO.  May the vow for peace in our time be upheld.

  • Pray for the residents of Falkirk and district who, this week, have suffered a number of days without heating or hot water following a malfunction in the area gas supply, while neighbouring districts are facing unusually high electricity costs resulting from the installation of a new heating system in local authority homes.

  • Pray for the many dedicated personnel of all the countries this week contributing to the climate change conference in Madrid, seeking scientific understanding, education and realisation of the future problems faced throughout the entire world.

  • Pray for all who are this week engaged in the General Election, politically or in administration of the many different tasks needed to undertake the occasion peacefully and safely with respect for all.  God be with us in everything we do and say in this time of decision-making for the well-being and future of the UK.


Sunday 1st December 2019

God with us,
Living the question, respecting the plurality of perspective wrestling with wonder and wisdom
and what the world needs from our small corner.
Leaving space to let the listening settle in.
God with us.


  • Pray with thanksgiving for the Season of Advent within our church and community with the different activities of fellowship and worship planned by the organisations of all ages.

  • Pray for those in our church family and community who, through bereavement,c  are facing this time of renewal without a dearly loved family member. We ask the blessing of Christ to surround each and every one with His everlasting love and knowledge of the depth of our comforting, caring thoughts of them.

  • Pray for the volunteers of the organisations who are participating in the Christmas Tree Concert, recognising the anticipated joy and our contemplation of the true meaning of Advent, the theme of the Advent Studies this year.  Bless and be with those engaged in our preparation activities.

  • Pray for the people of Kenya as they struggle to save vast areas devastated by torrential rain and floods sweeping entire villages downstream.

Sunday 24th November 2019

Almighty and eternal God, we pray for our church
in this time of great change and challenge.
By your spirit, help us to see a joyful vision of what you are calling us to become,
and to endure what is hardest in our journey towards that. Amen

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the church family, members, friends and the community who have recently given of their time, talents and fellowship to contribute to successful fundraising as we approach the end of our financial year and the worshipful time of Advent.
   *Pray for the family, neighbours and the close community of Kinglassie on the death of their eldest resident, 95-year old Nan, in tragic circumstances, leaving them bereft and anxious. We ask Christ’s blessing of love, peace, comfort and hope to surround them in their grief.
   *Pray for those who are homeless and sleeping out of doors as we approach the coldest winter nights; especially those who have been in care and now find themselves outside the system seeking to find life and work in towns and cities where distractions are many, causing financial hardship that can be life-threatening. May they be guided and protected by the many voluntary agencies who give their time and energies to provide, where possible, a meal and warmth overnight.
   *Pray for progress and understanding in the partnership project “Join the Dots” to tackle loneliness and social isolation in Scotland, initiated by CrossReach, the social care arm of the C of S, working in conjunction with the Guild. Eight out of ten carers feel lonely and socially isolated as a result of looking after a loved family member.
   Do we have a friend or neighbour we have not talked to recently?


Sunday 17th of November 2019

Living God, one-hundred years ago, a year after the guns had ceased, the 2-minute silence began.
As we honour the past, we pray for all who continue to suffer the consequences.
May we now put our faith in your future for you are the source of life and hope, now and forever.


  • Pray with thanksgiving for the numerous ways the services of NHS Scotland cover the well-being of our lives; for the dedication of personnel in every facet of care from research, emergency response, surgery, specialist nursing care to the link with home.  We ask Christ’s blessing and guidance to surround and support them in their care for the community they serve.

  • Pray for the residents of Pollokshields through an intense fire, overnight lost their homes, shops and community facilities.  May they receive comfort, care and temporary accommodation at this time.

  • Pray for the communities in Yorkshire and surrounding area which, through torrential rainfall, overflowing river, landslip and rock-fall damage requiring the evacuation of villages.

  • Pray for the areas of the world being devastated by climatic changes; destruction of vast areas of Australia with uncontrollable forest fires encroaching on Sydney and flooding in India, Pakistan and Venice.

Sunday 10th of November 2019

Dear God, blow your holy breath through our seeking,
waiting, deciding and acting.
May the changes we make be faithful to you and your wide and steadying love,
an offering of our best in gratitude and hope.


  • Pray with thanksgiving and remembrance for those in our church family and community who have lost family members, friends or neighbours in armed conflict on land, air or sea.  Our freedom of living shows an overwhelming gratitude for their sacrifice.

  • Pray for all who received a Pride of Britain award this week; their positive outlook n life in the face of adversity was inspirational, showing their bravery and thoughtfulness for others in their attitude to life.

  • Pray for our Minister, MDS staff, Session and members of our congregation who, this week, will attend a meeting to discuss with neighbouring churches, Resources communication and structure within the 3-year review for radical change in the Church of Scotland.

      *Pray this week for the Junior Church Harvest Appeal to donate £60 to the Tearfund Twinning Toilet
       to enable a family in a poor community to build a toilet, a basic for sanitation, health and hygiene.*

Sunday 3rd of November2019

You are God of the journey, God of resurrection promise,
help us to anticipate the new and break free from that which holds us back.
As the people of the way help us to be a blessing to our troubled world
to be healers in our divided communities and people of hope in a despairing world.
This we ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the unity of service, fellowship and worship of our church family this weekend towards Gift Day.
   *Pray for our Junior Church initiative for Harvest Thanksgiving by learning about foreign areas where life is so different and how their collections can be used to provide support in many different areas of need. Let us pray today for SMILE TRAIN which helps children born with cleft palates.
   *Pray for the bereaved families, fire-fighters and emergency response teams who, this week, have re-lived their experience in learning the court enquiry report on Grenville fire in London and Clutha helicopter crash in Glasgow. May the peace and love of Christ be with each and every one at this time.
   *Pray for the authorities and residents of California who, within a year, are having to leave their homes and move inter-state while ferocious wildfires burn through their region. Give peace and understanding to all who are once more in mourning for their area.
   *At this time of change, frustration and confusion in our nation,pray that God’s will be done.*

Sunday 27th of October 2019

Living God, You are the same yesterday, today and forever:
You are constant, reliable, unchanging and yet You come to make all things new.
We pray that You would put within us a spirit of adventure that we might be open
to what You are going to do in our lives in the days ahead.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for our church family, the Kirk Session, Office-bearers and district Elders who efficiently support and guide us through the church year, adapting for us all the things that are necessary.
   *Pray for God’s presence to be with all emergency response personnel who have been involved in the tragedy in Essex - the loss of 39 immigrant lives seeking to come to live here. Surround and protect the families as the enormity of the situation unfolds, giving peace and comfort and understanding in the days ahead.
   *Pray for the elderly friends who while walking in the woods in Moray last week, were brutally attacked, resulting in the death of one of the group. May Christ’s comfort, love and caring be with all of the community as they recover from their ordeal in a tranquil and peaceful setting.
   *Pray for the youth and young men in areas of Scotland who are suffering mental distress in questioning their future in silence resulting in many taking their own life leaving parents, family and friends devastated and seeking relief from the unanswerable question.
   *Pray for the safety and well-being of our neighbours as the clock has changed and darker evenings can be isolating to many.


Sunday 20th October 2019

As we take step after step into the unknown,
help us to know you are the very ground on which we stand;
help us to find our peace in you; help us to find solace;
help us to step into the unknown, regardless of fear
knowing that you will keep us grounded and not let us fall.


   * Pray in thanksgiving for the seasonal changes we see around us; colours of autumn acknowledging the success of the harvest safely gathered in and stored and already the initial changes in the fields prepared for another year.  Be with the farmers and all who depend on the land for their livelihood to be pleased with their year’s work and have time for reflection and rest.

   * Pray in gratitude for our Harvest Table contributions so generously provided this morning to donate to the community FoodBank.  We ask God’s blessing to be with all who will receive and share these gifts in the weeks ahead.

   * Pray for the parents, extended family and neighbours of those known to us who have lost a child in infancy through violence.  May they be surrounded by God’s comfort, care and love as they grieve.

   * Pray for the many, who at this time are seriously ill and waiting for transplant surgery.  Give us the knowledge and understanding of the progress in medical research; where and how in death, organ donation can be the gift of life.

   * Pray for the world where there is continued unrest, violence and depravation in varying degrees – Hong Kong, Yemen, Turkey, Syria and Spain.

Sunday 13th October 2019

As we are gathered, Jesus is here, one with each other,
joined by the spirit to seek Christ’s blessing on our church as we are encouraged to build the kingdom.
Be with us and bless the new Chief Officer and staff as they take up their post to help us all
to see what we are able to do together to bring into being the Radical Action Plan.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the recipients of the various Nobel prizes awarded this week for scientific and psychological advances in progressing greater understanding in medicine.
   *Pray for the travelling communities throughout the country as local authorities are being funded to provide sites with amenities and utilities for temporary residence in all districts to accommodate them in their lifestyle to allow healthcare and education to be received when required.
   *Pray for the initiative of an Edinburgh school who are fundraising and educating their pupils to be aware of their corresponding school in Zimbabwe where pupils face a daily walk through a minefield to school: this will take at least five more years to be mine-free. Bless and be with them all in this worthwhile educational link.
   *Pray, seeking the blessing of Christ’s healing to be with those suffering for the innumerable forms of cancer known to us: surround and support them and their families with the care, comfort and love and knowledge of our prayers today and in the future.


Sunday 6th October 2019

Father God, let us renew our commitment to follow you as we seek to build your kingdom.
Help us willingly to let go of the ways we have done things in the past,
inspire us to take risks to creatively, courageously be your Church today.

   * Pray with thanksgiving for our Minister and Office Bearers, together with the many members of our church family who give of their time, skills and talents to ensure that we are able to meet throughout the week in this familiar welcoming place of worship, fellowship and activities.

   * Pray that during these difficult days of political uncertainty, those elected to oversee and legislate in all tiers of Government acknowledge and respect each other and the overwhelming needs of the regions and people throughout the UK,

   * Pray for families who feel the anxieties of school breaks, child care, meals and opportunities to play safely – may they be supported over this period by understanding relatives, friends and neighbours.

   * Pray for the continuing unrest in Libya where civil war is threatened, with increasingly more refugees attempting to migrate over the Mediterranean Sea – may they travel safely and find shelter, warmth and food when they reach land.


Sunday 29th September 2019

Jesus Christ, you call us all to follow You in the adventure of faith.
As we begin the process of change, guided by Your spirit, help us to trust You.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for our Pastoral Care Team who organised and provided a pleasant Communion lunch for our senior members. We ask Christ’s blessing on all who attended and ask that those unable to be with us, know they were remembered in our memories of past times within this place.
   *Pray for guidance and understanding to be with business and financial establishments as many more shops, banks, and a large travel company have ceased to be viable. May those who, overnight, lost their employment and are anxious for the future, be supported, protected and assisted to meet these unexpected challenges in their daily life.
   *Pray for those in our church family and community who are in hospital awaiting surgery, recuperating at home or are housebound through injury. May they know comfort, warmth and healing towards a pain-free recovery.
   *Pray for the children and youth of the world in our generation who are showing such depth of knowledge and passion for the future of the climate change of the planet. Let us ask God to help support them in balancing education, research, science and technology whilst calming their fears.

Sunday 22nd September 2019

Pears and apples, wheat and grapes, many textures, many shapes;
falling leaves in golden drifts, thank you, God, for all your gifts.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the many community groups who meet together in our church over the week. For the returning members together with those who are attending for the first time, we seek Christ’s blessing to be with them all as we welcome them once again into the fellowship of St. Ninian’s and hope they have a motivating and successful year.

   *Pray for the newly appointed Scottish Drug Task Force to work with the various agencies, hospitals, educational, sports and youth leaders to help the greatly increased incidence of drug addiction resulting in high levels of domestic violence, hunger, homelessness and death within our neighbouring city of Dundee.

   *Pray for the educational review that is to be undertaken to ascertain the variety and lack of opportunity to continue specific subjects and skills throughout the final 3 years at high schools. An area of conflict highlighted by pupils, parents and staff over the last few years due to curriculum changes.

   *Pray for the people of Arnhem who, following the Battle of Market Garden fought behind enemy lines where 670 soldiers of the 7th KOSB lost their lives 75 years ago. The local residents show their gratitude for their safety by undertaking a lifetime commitment to look after the graves, which some to this day, are still doing.


Sunday 15th September 2019

Light of the world shine upon us in love,
be with the despairing,
support the depressed,
comfort the dying,
lighten our darkness with hope and peace everlasting.

   * Pray, with thanksgiving, for the chaplains who undertake to be out and about in the workplace of hospitals, industry, farming, fisheries and ports offering a welcome guidance, support and understanding to the many who have come here to work with a variety of language and cultures from many countries.
   * Pray for the parents and families who have been bereaved through suicide; may they know the warmth of comfort from friends and the peace of Christian love as they seek an answer to their untimely loss.
   * Pray for Glasgow City authorities as they attempt to control the unrest and damage in areas of the city centre by the large number of demonstrations and marches being infiltrated by angry protesters every weekend.
   * Pray for the safety of the coastguards and lifeboat crews on the south coast who daily risk their lives to rescue large numbers of immigrants in dangerously unsuitable craft, illegally attempting to land in the UK.


Sunday 8th September, 2019

Lord, give us vision, make us strong,
help us to do your will;
don’t let us rest until we see your love
throughout humanity uniting us in peace.

   *Pray, with thanksgiving, for the nursing and care-home services here in Fife in which a number of our church family and community are now resident. We ask that they continue to be supported in all their needs; surrounded by God’s blessing of comfort, love and peace.
   *Pray for the families, who through the death of a loved one, have in their grief been blessed with the knowledge that, through thoughtful love and organ donations, they have given a seriously ill patient the hope of a pain-free and active life.
   *Pray for the members of C of S Guild throughout the world who will be meeting together this week for worship, fellowship and to learn how and where their service to the wider world can be guided where needed through the work of the national project plan.
   *Pray for the Bahamian islands and coastal towns of America who have been devastated by the hurricane Dorian, leaving many homeless and bereaved.
   *Pray for the parents, pupils and staff of our local primary schools in our parish community as they begin the new session; meeting the many challenges they undertake with the changing system of national reviews and local budget restraints.


Sunday 1st of September 2019

Have we trials and temptations, 
is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged; 
take it to the Lord in prayer.

   *Pray, with thanksgiving, for the church family members and friends in the community who planned, prepared and worked enterprisingly in so many ways to make yesterday’s Fete, a fundraiser where fun, laughter, and fellowship, made a very successful day.
   *Pray for the residents, parents, 1400 pupils and staff who attend Woodmill High School in Dunfermline which was severely damaged by fire through vandalism. Support with guidance and understanding, the Education authority personnel through the days ahead as they seek to find solutions to meet the immediate needs of the school community at the start of their year.
   *Pray for the families affected by the loss of a daughter, son or children as a result of domestic violence. May we be caring and loving to neighbours, colleagues and friends who, one day, may be in need of someone they can safely share a confidence.
   *Pray for our country in their time of anxiety. May Christ’s blessing of understanding and wisdom be with all those in authority as they legislate over our lives.


Sunday 25th of August 2019

Be still, for the power of the Lord is moving in this place; 
He comes to cleanse and heal, to minister His grace
No work too hard for Him, in faith receive from Him;
Be still for the power of the Lord is moving in this place.

   *Pray, with thanksgiving, for the advancement in the treatment necessary to those who suffer from haemophilia – the procedure to receive the essential blood-clotting protein is now administered less frequently.
   *Pray for the farming community as the unusual weather pattern with torrential rain and lack of continuous warmth is indicating a poor standard harvest. Further north, the beef industry is fearful of sales’ potential until the EU situation is resolved.
   *Pray for the administration of local authorities making stringent cuts to meet their financial restraints. Many are now being helped by the loyalty of their residents who are pulling together to enable a number of facilities, seasonal duties (grass cutting) activities and maintenance being undertaken by voluntary services.
   *Pray for the many British personnel who are being detained in foreign regions and are held without support or indication of time in difficult prison conditions. May they be protected and returned to their homes and families at an early date.


Sunday 18th of August 2019

Let there be love shared among us, 
let there be love in our eyes, 
may now your love sweep the nation to give us a 
fresh understanding of brotherly love that is real.
Let there be love shared among us, let there be love.

   * Pray, with thanksgiving, for the love shared among the church family as we met together on Thursday to celebrate the life of a member who died recently. Throughout May’s 50 years here in St. Ninian’s, she contributed guidance and service to many church, school, and youth groups as well as to community organisations. Her caring presence will be sadly missed.
   * Pray for the staff and pupils in our local schools as they gather again at the start of the 2019/2020 session. From the excitement of starting school to the transition pupils moving to high school and those facing their final year and responsibility of career decision, may they be blessed on embarking a new era.
   * Pray for the Quoirin family whose 15-year old daughter tragically died while on holiday in Malaysia. May they be supported and know the loving thoughts of sympathy in the UK are with them as they grieve.
   * Pray that the conflicts surrounding the completion of the new children’s hospital in Edinburgh be resolved; and in the lower reaches of the Clyde, financial fulfilment of the much-needed car ferries for Arran and the Isles on which the islanders are totally reliant.


Sunday 11th of August 2019

The golden evening sun sinks in the west and to the faithful cometh rest.
Give thanks for those whose lives shone a light, caught from the Christ-flame gleaming in the night;
for those who touched the truth and lived for what is right
“Fastened to the rock that cannot move.”

   * Pray, with thanksgiving, for the combined effort of the emergency services from surrounding regions, military personnel with their expertise, technical support and large equipment securing the dam overlooking the town of Whaley Bridge protecting the residents from severe flooding.
   * Pray for Fife and neighbouring districts where the severe weather conditions recently caused flash floods, landslips, loss of crops and travel disruption, with many road and rail routes being damaged and requiring extensive and lengthy repairs.
   * Pray for the delegates from throughout Scotland attending the Church of Scotland Youth Assembly this weekend. May they enjoy the fellowship of their peers and deep meaningful discussion of matters relevant today - climate change, the environment, IT, education and the topic of radical plans for the future of the Church.
   * Pray for our world, the many areas of turmoil, unrest and civil disruption: El Paso and Dayton in America - gun crime and loss of life; Indian border dispute over Kashmir; Italy and Libya over refugees crossing the Mediterranean with no port access; Hong Kong and France street demonstrations.


Sunday 4th of August 2019

Come, Lord Jesus, reign among us, 
King of Love and Prince of Peace; 
hush the storm of strife and passion, 
bid its cruel discords cease. 
Yours the prayer and yours the purpose,
that your people should be one.

   * Pray, with thanksgiving, for the privilege we enjoy in living our town and surrounding countryside: with gratitude to those, who over the years, planned and landscaped the tree-lined avenues, hedgerows, parkland and floral roundabouts with the unique sculptures, indicators of the area we are in.
   * Pray for the survivors of childhood abuse in a broad range of council and local authority run homes in the Nottingham area over many years. May they now, at this late stage, know the depth of caring for their well-being and justice after their suffering as the communities become aware and understand the situation.
   * Pray for the areas and families who have been affected by the flash-flooding and devastating landslides throughout the country this week. The realisation that the effect of climate change with higher temperatures, evidence, to give us understanding and purpose to protect our environment for the future.
   * Pray for the workforce of Havelock in Kirkcaldy as this weekend they are unpaid and fear the prospect of the company going into administration. Bless them and their families as they anxiously await the outcome of this very unsettling negotiation.


Sunday 28th of July 2019

Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave to be taken to Egypt.
But God was with him and rescued him from all his troubles.

* Pray, with thanksgiving, for the inspiring service of worship provided for us by the children and volunteers of “Joseph”, the focus of this year’s mission for the youngest members of the community. Their enthusiasm in sharing with us their activities and knowledge of the life and trials of Joseph was uplifting.
 * Pray for our visitors attending the joint service of worship today; may they enjoy with us a time of prayerful fellowship and friendship for the week ahead.
* Pray for the new initiative of Victim Support, a service of counselling, advice and support for survivors of traumatic crime, recognising the need of many families who are unexpectedly the victims of tragic incidents and unable for many reasons to progress with their daily routine.   Pray for the many families who are finding the cost of child care too expensive; travel costs and lack of places in local nurseries causing them concern. * * Pray too for the many grandparents who give us their life experiences and time in retirement to be with, and enhance family life, for their grandchildren.
* Pray for the safety of those, who in this time of unusually warm weather, go to the lochs, rivers and seaside for relaxation and coolness. Sadly accidents can result as often there is no accessible safety equipment in remote locations.


Sunday 21st of July 2019

God will be with us in all our thinking,
in all our speaking, in all we do; 
and as we praise Him by all our actions, 
He will be with us seeing us through.

   * Pray, with thanksgiving, for the personalities of sport, entrepreneurs and those in show business who are using their acquired status and talents to bring an awareness and greater understanding for those suffering from chronic painful and debilitating conditions by their interest and financial support to designated organisations involved in medical research.
   * Pray for the families of those, who this week, lost their lives in tragic road accidents; may they know of Christ’s comfort and loving guidance as they grieve.
   * Pray for us all to seek understanding and compassion for the families who are living with fear daily as they struggle to help their loved ones suffering with mental illness and addiction to drugs or alcohol.
   * Pray for the people of Srebrenica and all parts of the Balkans as, 24 years on after the massacre of eight thousand Muslim men and boys by Bosnian/Serb forces on account of their faith, they strive to rebuild their lives and communities; bringing healing where there is hurt and trust where there is suspicion and strengthen the resolve of those who would build bridges to overcome hate.

Throughout the days ahead, give us guidance, patience and understanding for those who are responsible for the governance of our national life.


Sunday 14th of July 2019

The one who longs to make us whole
is waiting to embrace our broken lives,
so we can know the power of healing grace.


   *Pray,with thanksgiving, for the volunteers in organisations who give a 24 hour/7 day listening service so filling a caring role to those suffering from emotional and mental health problems and numerous addictions.
   *Pray for those known to us, here in our church family and local community, who are recently bereaved.  We seek Christ’s blessing to surround them with comfort and love together with our sincerest loving remembrance of the privilege we received from their presence in our lives.
   *Pray for the children, and their families, who this coming week will be sharing together the joy of the Joseph themed activities.  In learning they will be making memories and absorbing fellowship within the church.
   *Pray for all who are going on holiday over the next few weeks.   Many travelling throughout the UK and some flying abroad. May they all enjoy the change and return safely to be with us in the Autumn.


Sunday 7th of July 2019

Here in this place new light is streaming
now is the darkness vanished away
see in this space our fears and our dreaming,
brought here to you in the light of this day.


   *Pray, with thanksgiving, for the continuing progress of knowledge and surgical expertise being carried out in prosthetics.  Recent cases have shown us a teenage girl receiving an advanced digital lower arm and a mother, through life threatening illness, required the amputation of her hands has, by transplant donation, had both hands replaced.
   *Pray for those who are, for a second time, required to give evidence to the infected blood enquiry, reliving years of suffering due to the misuse of foreign and contaminated supplies in the past.  Bless and be with them as they come to seek justice in their situation while grieving for those who have died.
   *Pray for the organisers of our Summer Mission as they prepare for the week of fellowship, fun and games, and devotions and for the learning experience they share with the youngsters of the community.
   *Pray for the safety for the many refugees caught up in the renewed conflict and destruction in east Tripoli villages where many are risking their lives waiting to cross the Mediterranean Sea seeking asylum in Europe.


Sunday 30th of June 2019

Summer suns are glowing over land and sea;
happy light is flowing, bountiful and free
Everything rejoices in the mellow rays;
all earth’s thousand voices swell the psalm of praise.


  • Pray,with thanksgiving, for the joy we receive from the Junior Church groups, from Crèche to Youth Fellowship when they join us in worship with their teachers to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for their sharing of the Christian message in such a supportive and loving way.

  • Pray for the families, friends and neighbours of those known to us who have recently died - may they know that their time of fellowship with us will be lovingly remembered.  We ask Christ’s blessing of comfort, love and peace to be with them and also families of the community who have been recently bereaved by tragic accident or untimely death.

  • Pray for all pupils who are at the transition stage in their school life, in particular, those leaving the high schools for the world of college, university or working environment; we ask God’s blessing of guidance and protection to be with them on their chosen career pathway.

  • Pray for the government and health authorities in the Congo as they are facing the escalation of another outbreak of Ebola.  Bless and be with the villagers, hospital doctors and nurses as they strive to protect and educate the population in the outlying districts of the dangers of this disease.

Sunday 23rd of June 2019

We have an anchor that keeps the soul
steadfast and sure while the billows roll;
fastened to the Rock which cannot move,
grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love!

* Pray, with thanksgiving, for the successful ending of the educational year; for the diligence of all teachers, lecturers, ancillary staff and volunteers who teach and assist the students throughout the year. May they be blessed with a restful and refreshing summer break.

* Pray for the Scottish Action on Refugees and the work initiated and undertaken for the refugee communities who have fled from conflict in their own countries and have found refuge here in Scotland – some homeless and what that means to a family - many unable to speak our language, understand our currency, and our way of life

* Pray for those of our church family and community who are undergoing tests and treatment for many painful and debilitating health conditions; may Christ’s blessing of hope, healing and love surround each one and their family in these days of anxieties.

* Pray for the Middle Eastern countries as they once more face the uncertainty of conflict between Iran and America over the safety of the seas where fleets of oil tankers are being targeted.

Sunday 16th of June 2019

Spirit of the living God, move among us all;
make us one in heart and mind, make us one in love,
humble, caring, selfless, sharing.
Spirit of the living God, fill our lives with love.

* Pray, with thanksgiving, for the Blood Transfusion Service in Scotland; for the many skilled staff who work tirelessly in many different locations to obtain the much needed blood donations required daily for life-saving surgery and physical necessity in local hospitals.

* Pray for the group of hill walkers whose two members were struck by lightening in the West Highlands last weekend. We ask Christ’s blessing of comfort and loving care to surround them and their families as they recover from the tragedy of this incident where one member is recovering in hospital and mourns the death of her companion.

* Pray for the blessing of Fathers everywhere, especially our own Fathers for the love and guidance we receive on our life. Be with and support the Fathers in our church family and community as they share the joy, fun and laughter together with the inevitable days of anxiety of family life today. Let us also take time to seek comfort for those families who for many reasons no longer have their Father at home.

* Pray that as many people as possible of our church family will be able to attend the District Gatherimg being organised by their Elders this week - a leisurely pause in our church life to spend time together sharing neighbourly, family and church news.

Sunday 9th of June 2019

Lord, as you have lived for others, so may we for others live; 
yours the prayer, and yours the purpose that your people should be one.
Grant from heaven our hope’s fruition here on earth your will be done.

* Pray, with thanksgiving, for the youth organisations in church and town, for the shared cooperation seen in the intergenerational support and experience seen today as Fife Battalion of the Boys’ Brigade host their Scottish Award Ceremony here in Glenrothes.

* Pray for the veterans of DD Day throughout the country. We acknowledge their unique place in our history as we too share the anguish of the brave families, of all conflicts, known to us.

* Pray for the anguish of the families and friends of the mountaineers who have tragically lost their lives in the Himalayan region; together with the four survivors, may they be supported by Christ’s comforting presence surrounding them by those who undertook the hazards of rescue.

* Pray for the joy and happiness we receive from music here at St. Ninian’s. Be with the Singing for Seniors as they bring to us the culmination of their winter session with an afternoon of song, fellowship, fun and laughter.

Sunday 2nd of June 2019

The special people God has placed in your life today 
are there for a reason; 
treasure them and the moments of today with love.

   * Pray with thanksgiving for all who have come together this morning for a special Songs of Praise in recognition of their contribution throughout 25 years of our Praise Band.
   * Pray for the GROW Management Committee, Oskar and his team who work tirelessly throughout the school year in our local high schools. May they enjoy a period of rest and relaxation during the summer break.
   * Pray for our community and the families who are in distress and anxious about their financial situation over the long holiday period. Let those in authority be guided to assist and support these families at an early date.
   * Pray for those of our church family no longer able to attend worship or church activities which they once enjoyed and now reside in local care homes. We ask the grace of Christ be with them and those who daily give them comfort and loving care.

Sunday 26th May 2019

A small thing like a hazelnut lay in my open hand,
and God disclosed three truths to me
that I might understand:
God made it, 
God loves it 
and God will always care for it.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for those of our community who open their lives and homes to give children and youth in need of loving care and guidance, a home through fostering and adoption. May they know Christ’s guidance and blessing in all they undertake for their welfare.
   *Pray for those who voluntarily give of their time to encourage greater understanding and compassion through groups dedicated to those who have facial or body disfigurement, speech or vocal difficulties. Let us too, be aware of their need whenever we are with them.
   *Pray for those, who in childhood, have been abused by their elders who had been trusted to work with them in sport and youth clubs; may they receive comfort and healing as realisation of their abusive past is acknowledged.
   *Pray for the workforce of BiFab at this time of uncertainty of gaining more contracts for their expertise and specialist skills for the planning of the renewable energy field in the Forth.

Sunday 19th May 2019

“When you educate a girl, it means you educate a whole nation”
Kadiatu Konneh is an eleven-year old girl living in Sierra Leone
and dreams of being a doctor;
this is her plea to us,
“We girls too are here and like the boys we wish to be educated as you are.”
Our giving can make a difference
(Christian Aid Week)

   * Pray with thanksgiving for the Moderator, Ministers and Elders who meet as Commissioners at this extremely important time in the life of the Kirk to administer the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland this week.
   * Pray for compassion and understanding to surround those in our community who at this time are suffering from debilitating mental health issues. May they receive support to meet these challenging days.
   * Pray for Christ’s comforting presence to be with the family, friends and neighbours of the young Father who has so tragically died in a car accident on the Cluny Road.
   * Pray for the church members who, with their expertise and green-fingers, will be finalising their efforts in nurturing plants, flowers as their contribution to church funds.


Sunday 12th May 2019

Nourished by the rainfall, the earth can come alive;
woodlands swell with splendour, moors and meadows thrive.
Flowers of every colour praise God, their maker,
throughout the countryside.

* Pray, with thanksgiving, for those of our Church Family who every week, contribute to our worship and fellowship with their serving of our very much appreciated, cups of tea, coffee and biscuits.
* Pray for those known to us who are, at this time, suffering from distress, anxiety, pain or injury; may they be aware of Christ's comforting care and the blessing of our ability to take our deepest fears and concerns to Him in these our prayers.
* Pray for the relatives, friends and neighbours who have been bereaved by the neglect of a vulnerable family member in care or brutal violence in a broken relationship.
* Pray for all who work tirelessly to organise and publicise Christian Aid events in this week of fundraising; may the aim that no mother should die in childbirth be actively supported in giving by us all.


Sunday 5th May 2019

God, in such love for us, gave us this planet
Gave it a purpose in time and in space
Small as a spark in the time of creation
Cradle of life and home of our race.

   * Pray with thanksgiving for all the willing members of the congregation who meet weekly and undertake the maintenance taks of our building, entrances, and exernal notice boards, paths, steps, outbuildings and drains.

   * Pray for those who lost family members in traffic related accidents over the Easter weekend. 18 died in Scotland. May they know Christ's compassion and loving care as they grieve. May an understanding of the dangers of speed, tiredness and the unfamiliarity of new roads be our prayer for road safety in the coming months. 

   * Pray for the local district authorities, that they may expedite the promised removal of the radium contamination on a beach near us here in Fife.

   * Pray for our planet Earth, for the areas of devastation where winds and torrential flooding once more have destroyed entire towns and villages, causing fatalities in Canada, USA and Africa. God bless and be with those who are suffering and in need of shelter. 


Sunday 28th April 2019

How good it is, what pleasure comes, 
when people live as one; 
when peace and justice light the way, 
the will of God is done.

*Pray with thanksgiving for our Minister and members of Kirk Session who gave us two evening services of deep contemplation prior to joyous encouragement on Easter Day with the unique service of ordination and communion served with dignity by members of the Junior Church.
*Pray for all scientists and medical personnel who are involved in many areas of research and spend many years working to access curative methods to alleviate pain and incapacity where debilitating symptoms become evident in patients and recent trials are giving areas of hope in many neurological conditions.
*Pray for the people of Sri Lanka as they mourn the loss of so many people in traumatic, explosive attacks on worshipping congregations together with the many tourists killed while relaxing in the many hotels targeted to cause maximum chaos on Easter Day. May they be aware of Christ’s message of love, hope and peace being central to the prayers of the world as they grieve.
*Pray for the Kirk Session Groups meeting this week, as our three new Elders take their place in the constituted administrative body of St. Ninian’s. May the business and organisational needs of the next few months be undertaken in the spirit of Christ.


Easter Day 21st April 2019

Lo! Jesus meets us, risen from the tomb; 
lovingly he greets us, scatters fear and gloom; 
let the Church with gladness hymns of triumph sing, 
for our Lord now liveth; death has lost its sting.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the guidance on the lives of Rothes Trinity Parish Group where the depth of fellowship, shared love and spirituality has been celebrated throughout Holy Week, culminating in this morning’s Sunrise Service and welcome breakfast.
   *Pray for the recently bereaved families and those still receiving multiple treatments for cancer-related in Tayside Health Board area. May they receive understanding, compassion, comfort and loving peace in their time of anxiety and loss.
   *Pray for the citizens of Paris, Europe and the World who, through the technology of modern communication, heard and observed the horrific blaze and the partial destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral at the beginning of Holy Week. The iconic sight of the cross burning brightly through the flames from one of the burnt-out windows, the sign of hope and new life, will not be easily forgotten.
   *Pray for the residents and staff in the care homes here in Glenrothes district; those who feel isolated from family and those who find their memory of family life difficult to recall and the thoughts of their active time with us forgotten. With Christ’s love, let them know they are surrounded by warmth and compassion in their new shared life with companionship, comfort and care.

Palm Sunday 14th April 2019

Hosanna, loud Hosanna, the little children sang; 
through city street and temple, their joyful welcome rang.
They shouted out their praises
to Christ, the children’s friend
who welcomes all with blessing,
whose love will never end.

   *Pray with thanksgiving that all believers or non have, through the grace of God and the responsibility of freedom, the ability to approach, acknowledge and participate in the Easter Story as our teaching has given us to believe.
   *Pray for those who are seeking solace and understanding as they hear from the professional, expert evidence being given and acknowledged at the Clutha Helicopter Disaster Inquiry in Glasgow. May they gain comfort and fellowship as suffering families who have shared the mourning of loved ones over the last 5 years.
   *Pray for the Management Committee, volunteers, staff and members of the community of St. Ninian’s Charity Shop and Community Café as they meet to conduct their AGM and address the business planning for the future. We ask Christ’s blessing on all who give willingly their time and energy to share their skills and talents to be able to undertake the tasks of the project in so many different ways. May those who are retiring at this time, after many years of service, know the grateful acknowledgement of the church family for devoted service to the community.
   *Pray for those who are going on holiday at home or abroad for the warmth of the Spring break – may they travel safely and return refreshed to meet the challenges ahead.
   *Pray for a period of respectful peace and understanding in the political scene of our country and Europe.


Sunday 7th April 2019

Come and find the quiet centre in the crowded life we lead,
find the room for hope to enter, 
find the space where we are free; 
clear our eyes from chaos and clutter 
that we can see what really matters, 
peace and simplicity.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for those who are organizing and taking part in the variety of social occasions taking place here for both the church family and community this week.
   *Pray for the out-of-hours minor injuries crisis group representatives and delegates from Glenrothes, Levenmouth and surrounding rural districts who are tirelessly working for recognition for the need for this service to be restored to meet the surgical and financial needs of their residents at evenings and weekends.
   *Pray for local school and college pupils and students who begin their Spring break, many with the thought of end to end studying prior to returning to examinations or interviews for colleges. Bless and be with each one and their families as they engage in this period of time in their lives.
   *Pray for Gillian Rose, our Missionary Partner in Bangladesh, in her dedicated work with very premature babies in the hospital there. May her request for tiny knitted goods be met with the knowledge of Christ’s comforting blessing surrounding them.
   *Pray in this week of Autistic Awareness for the community we live in to be granted peace.

Sunday 31st March 2019

We cannot measure how you heal 
or answer every sufferer’s prayer, 
the pain that will not go away, 
the guilt that clings from long past, 
the fear of what the future holds, 
are present as if meant to last.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for all our Mothers who gave us the gift of life. Bless and be with all the Mothers with us today, may they be aware of our love and their guidance on our life. Let us hold in our prayers the Mothers who have suffered the loss of a child through tragic circumstance, physical or mental illness.
   *Pray for the family members and friends who have succeeded in bringing into legislation the change in the Personal Act Scotland which now gives younger people, diagnosed with life-debilitating illness, to receive a financial allowance to ensure their peace of mind, care and comfort.
   *Pray for the many volunteers whose work in Food Banks, Day Centres, Lunch Clubs and all the transport drivers; may they know that the service they provide weekly is appreciated and their support and care, listening ear and encouragement is valued and, to many, the brightest part of their week.
   *Pray that Hazel and the Communication Team will receive the support of groups and organisations to provide us with a Newsletter to keep the housebound members and community households up-to-date with the busy life within St. Ninian’s Church and neighbourhood

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