Daily Prayers

Reflections: Sunday 28th 2020

Glenrothes, St Ninian’s



         Heavenly Father,     at this time of year, we remember and give thanks for our armed forces. Men and women serving on land, on and under the sea, and in the air. Keep us mindful of their service with thanksgiving in our hearts.

  Keep us mindful too of their families. Often on their own for days, weeks and months. May they know that they are never forgotten,
and help us find ways to show that we care.

  Our minds are often filled with questions, and when we look to the Psalms we find that it is good to ask them of you. How long will our
lockdown last ? What steps should we take as we re-emerge into what will become a slow return to normal ? How shall we gather
for worship ?

  All questions that you have answers for. Keep us praying and asking and thinking things through with the guidance of your Spirit.

  Keep us mindful of those who have had to be shielding over recent months for whom the wait is longer and more restrictive than ours.

  Help us remember those who have lost loved ones and have found grieving hard at the time with the lack of closure in some cases.

  You are a God who walks with us and within us. Help us to have ourlistening ears on, and to see the good things you do each day, so that we might engage with you in spreading goodness and kindness and love to a world that desperately needs to see and hear and experience such things.

  In Christ’s name,



David J Smith


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